My name is…. The Initiators Impact

Initiator in action

About a year ago I was at a school function for my kids called “Donuts With Dads.” I think you get the idea. Dads bring their kids to school and eat donuts in the gym while our kids run around with their friends. It was a great time and I met some really cool guys, but as I was driving away I had a thought…. “Nobody introduced themselves to me.” I was feeling a little insecure about it and as I began to think more about it, another thought came in… “I can’t remember if anyone has ever introduced themselves to me?” You see, I am usually the one making the introduction, the initiator.

This was the first time I realized the importance of initiators. These are the people who get the conversation going, make the approach, hold the eye contact, or extend the hand. Initiators do this over and over again never knowing how the other end is going to receive it. There could be great connection or great rejection and it’s a risk every time. But here’s the thing, relationships are worth the risk, and they never have a chance until someone takes the initiative.

You can be an initiator. It is activated inside you when a desire for relationship is stronger than your nerves or insecurities. As a Christian I am looking for as many opportunities as possible for God to use me to impact someone. I call them divine intersections, when someone’s life path intersects with mine. Maybe God has it set-up for them, or maybe he has it set-up for me? Neither of us will know until someone becomes an initiator.

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