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What’s Your Funny Number?

October 13, 2009 3 comments

You’ve probably heard of different personality profiles (Myers-Briggs, DISC, Strength Finder etc.) and relational compatibility tests like eHarmony but what about a questionnaire that tells you something as simple as your “Funny Number”? Personality profiles and gift assessments are great but more often than not, we’re simply drawn to the people we laugh with. So why not a profile for that?

Think about how cool it would be to have a simple 1-to-4 scale that sorts it all out.  We could take a simple, “What’s funnier?” comparative questionnaire that finds a commonality to what makes us laugh. Here’s some sample comparisons in a variety of comedic categories representing humor genres (slapstick, dry, wit, and sarcasm) that could help pinpoint our funny number…

DSC_1205_bwLate Shows: A) Conan    B) Leno   C) Letterman    D) Ferguson

Movies: A) Napoleon Dynamite    B) Meet the Fockers    C) Nutty Professor     D) Zoolander

Sit Coms: A) The Office    B) Two & a Half Men     C) House     D) Arrested Development

SNL Sketches: A) Brian Fellows    B) McGruver     C) Target Lady    D) Weekend Update

Comedians: A) Tyler Perry    B) Daniel Tosh    C) Angela Johnson    D) Steve Harvey

Just like that, after a ten-minute questionnaire, you’d have your funny number. No more, “why don’t they get my humor”? Of course they don’t, you’re a 3 and they’re a 1. Your dry wit went over their head when a simple joke would of had them rolling.

The quicker you can pick up on someone’s “funny number” the better you’ll adapt in on the spot situations. You can successfully relate on a lighter note when it comes to making first impressions, and connecting at employment interviews, meetings, etc. When you walk away they’ll be saying, “I like that guy/gal.”

In fact, knowing your own funny number can open you up to the different humor of others. Like the Five Love Languages; it’s not about your love language but the language of the one you love. So is the same with your funny number. (Now that’s funny.)

So what’s your funny number? Who knows, maybe soon there will be a Facebook or Iphone app to answer that very question.

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