Guest Connection FAQ’s!

I want every guest to have the same experience my wife and I had on our first visit to Milestone Church -  welcomed, valued, and authentically engaged. Since our first visit, Milestone has grown from a hundred to thousands in attendance, but when the heart is the same and the vision is carried, the experience … Continue reading Guest Connection FAQ’s!

Purpose Driven Radio (From 2007)

[Flashback Article From 2007, Published in Christian Music Weekly] Introduction Before flipping one page of the national bestseller, “The Purpose Driven Life” I was struck by a powerfully intrusive pun on the front cover. “What on earth am I here for?” It’s mind-boggling to think that God created you and I on purpose… for a … Continue reading Purpose Driven Radio (From 2007)

Family Devotions Plan That Works!

I was failing to lead my family in any sort of consistent and meaningful spiritual development. We’d schedule weekly family devotions, but another ball game, practice, school project, or birthday party would usually prevail. We’d do quick daily devos with the flow of life, but my wife and I never felt like it was sticking. … Continue reading Family Devotions Plan That Works!

Christmas Memory & Meaning Makers For Your Family: Candelight Service & Interactive Nativity Story

Angel Tree, Grapevine Mills Mall, Dec '10 Christmastime locks memories in a child’s mind that last a lifetime. You may not remember everything as a kid, but you do remember Christmas. As parents, we can intentionally create memories for our kids that will shape their futures. Let's instill meaning in these memories, the true meaning … Continue reading Christmas Memory & Meaning Makers For Your Family: Candelight Service & Interactive Nativity Story

Are You Protecting or Propelling Your Wife?

Gabrielle doing the Milestone Welcome 7.18.100 Two weeks ago my wife was asked to do the “Service Welcome” at all of our weekend services. Milestone is not massive, but we run nearly 2K on the weekend, definitely bigger than her usual Small Group stage. Needless to say - out of her comfort zone. She did … Continue reading Are You Protecting or Propelling Your Wife?